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Our Philosophy

Kapper Logo  Our philosophy is that success in soccer starts with the right training. We firmly believe that a Developmental Plan is essential in providing all members with a process to enhance player development in an age appropriate manner. This enables players with the basis for a good opportunity to succeed in their soccer careers.

Our process starts with technique. We focus on individual player development and emphasis on ball work. At this early stage we cannot miss out on setting the foundation of Technical and then introducing Tactical.

Without a good individual technique the ability to play as a good team decreases. It is very important that we concentrate our attention on developing the player, before the team. The collective concepts of the game are then introduced, but it is not the main focus. The focus is on individual and team player development whilst enhancing the players’ and teams’ tactical awareness and knowledge. At the next stage we introduce and teach the concepts of tactics, team formations, and game strategies in competitive environments.

Lastly we prepare players for College and the possibility for professional environments. Furthermore, we initiate the development of the physical component of the game.

At the Goal Keeper aspect we focus on specific and specialized training to make sure the players progress and develop individually. Within Kapper Soccer’s Developmental Plan we strive to keep a good balance within all areas of the game.

We are sure with time and the correct growth mindset, players can and will succeed in achieving their goals

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